Our Mission is to provide confidential, caring and compassionate Peer Support to First Responders across the Province of Ontario.


Exceptions to confidentiality 

All of our conversations with clients will be kept strictly confidential and information will not be disclosed unless it is necessary to do so in the following circumstances;

  • There is disclosure or evidence of serious risk of harm to the individual, such as a threatened or attempted suicide.

  • There is disclosure or evidence of a serious risk of harm to others.

  • There is disclosure or evidence of physical, sexual or serious emotional abuse or neglect.

  • There is disclosure or evidence of serious self harm including drug or alcohol misuse that might be life threatening.

  • There is evidence of serious mental illness.

  • There is disclosure or evidence of physical harm, sexual harm or neglect to a child under the age of 16.

  • There is disclosure of any criminal offence.


We are not a replacement for professional psychological and mental health services. While BOTG strives to provide information and support for those in distress, it is a volunteer organization and does not have any accreditation for providing psychological, medical or other health services, and does not assume any liability for any services rendered or not rendered in the course of attending to a call. 

While we will make every effort to provide our services 24/7 on the phone and in person there may be times when all of our services are not available due to circumstances beyond our control.

We will be tracking certain information for business and volunteer safety purposes. At no time will your personal information be used or given to any third party unless either legally required to do so or otherwise lawfully authorized.