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We are looking for dedicated First Responders to help us expand across Canada by opening a Boots On The Ground Division in their province!

Our ultimate goal is to have a Division in each province. We can provide support from Ontario with our proven service delivery model of a 24/7 peer support help line to serve First Responders across Canada!

We pride ourselves on being an entirely volunteer run organization. Running a Boots On The Ground Division is a very big time commitment that is best handled by a team of First Responder and Civilian volunteers, lead by a dedicated Divisional President.

We are looking for the following desired qualities in our Divisional Presidents:
You will need the following to accompany your application:
Upon submission of the application package, the Boots On The Ground Board of Directors will review the information and if suitable, arrange for an interview with the potential Divisional President.

Successful applicants will receive unlimited mentoring and in depth training from the Ontario team to ensure the Divisions’ success!

For more information and an application form please email Dave McLennan:

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