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Peer to Peer
Group Debriefs

Boots On The Ground is now offering Peer to Peer group debriefs across the Province of Ontario.

If your organization would like a group debrief after a critical incident, Boots On The Ground will send a team of trained volunteers out to you to facilitate this.

These Services are offered to all First Responder organizations across the province. They will be available to smaller services without a peer support/CISM team as well as larger services that would like a debrief facilitated by an outside agency.

Please note: These are not operational debriefs.

Peer to Peer group debriefs are a multi phase, post crisis, facilitated and confidential discussion designed to identify and mitigate acute symptoms, assess the need for follow up and provide closure for the participants.

Boots On The Ground facilitators will not take attendance or notes and these debriefs are strictly confidential.

Things to consider when requesting a debrief:

To arrange a debrief call our peer support help line at 833-677-2668.

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