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Can Praxis


First Responders and Veterans living with the effects of PTSD / OSI face conflict and crisis as well as the usual psychological symptoms. At Can Praxis, a national charity providing specialized therapy and education programs, participants learn, or re-learn, how to resolve conflict and crisis in a strategic, effective manner. They leave with helpful knowledge useful experience which provide realistic hope with lives restored and families regained.


Spouses, partners, family members attending Can Praxis report that they also experience symptoms of PTSD. This is known as secondary PTSD. As the saying goes, ‘If you’re standing next to a puddle and someone throws a rock in, everyone gets splashed.’  So, spouses and children are often anxious,hyper-vigilant and experience other difficulties too. At Can Praxis, it becomes clear that the spouses are absolutely vital to the recovery of the veterans and that the spouses’ needs are of equal importance to the veterans’ needs.


Can Praxis programs are provided at no cost to the participants.


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